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SonicWorld Brick MK2 Class-A Mono Mic/Instrument Preamp
SonicWorld Brick MK2 Class-A Mono...
The SonicWorld Brick MK2 is a german engineered, ultracompact Class-A Mono Mic preamp in the tradition of legendary classic tube and transistor preamps made by Telefunken, TAB and Siemens
€979.00 *
Slate Pro Audio Fox Mikrofonvorverstärker
Slate Pro Audio Fox MicPre
Der Slate Pro Audio Fox ist ein zweikanaliger Mikrofonvorverstärker mit je zwei eigenständigen Vorverstärkerschaltungen pro Kanal.
€2,690.00 *
HORCH Audiogeräte MP NVR Mic Pre
HORCH Audiogeräte MP NVR Mic Pre
The preamp section of one of the most legendary mixing consoles in history was the inspiration for the Horch MP NVR microphone preamplifier
€932.40 *
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