SonicWorld Brick MK2 Class-A Mono Mic/Instrument Preamp

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The Sonic World The Brick MK2 is a Class-A mono-transistor microphone/ Instrument preamp in... more
Product information "SonicWorld Brick MK2 Class-A Mono Mic/Instrument Preamp"

The Sonic World The Brick MK2 is a Class-A mono-transistor microphone/ Instrument preamp in the tradition of the legendary German classic tube and solid-state preamps from Telefunken, TAB and Siemens.

The Brick is an ultra-compact front end that enables amplification of any microphone or instrument with incredible headroom.
The Brick MK2 features the key components of the vintage Telefunken V672 amp card.

These components come from a time when audio equipment design was not dictated by component cost.
At that time, Telefunken only used the highest quality components, such as extremely large input and output transformers.
These original V672 transformers are also used in the Brick.

Through its discrete, Class-A transistor design, The Brick produces an extremely fat, detailed and "expensive" sound.

The Brick provides a maximum gain of +64 dB. The two gain pots on the front panel work alternately. Gain 1 regulates the amplifier attenuation, Gain 2 regulates the negative feedback of the circuit.

The unique “twin gain” design grants a wide variety of sonic possibilities and allows the Brick to operate without a PAD to process high input levels that would impair its sonic character.
A good starting position is to turn Gain 1 all the way up and use Gain 2 depending on the required level of amplification.

The integrated, discrete transistor FET-DI provides a vivid sound that perfectly matches the sonic characteristics of the “Brick”.
It uses two completely separate outputs that operate independently of each other: Output 1 is unsymmetrical on a 1/4” jack and Output 2 is symmetrical on a XLR male receptacle.

This make it possible to record to a DAW while monitoring through an analog device without any delay, or to feed the FOH mixer with the symmetrical signal, while feeding the instrument amp on stage with the unsymmetrical output.
The wiring of the unbalanced jack socket can be changed internally by a jumper. Then the balanced signal is also present on the 1/4” jack.

The chassis is made of a visually appealing blend of aluminum and stainless steel. The front panel consists of polished stainless steel. The back panel, the top plate and the bottom plate are made of brushed stainless steel.

The Brick uses 24 Volts AC. A high-quality 24V AC power supply is included. It connects to the rear coax jack.

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Review on "It has a creamy mid-range warmth that the others don't have - i'll be using it a lot. Sounds excellent on vocals. Also tested it in acoustic guitar, violin, piano. Just a lovely warm sound. It seems a bargain for the quality of components and workmanship."

Test des SonicWorld The Brick auf

Nach wirklich umwerfenden Ergebnissen mit meinem ersten Brick habe ich einen weiteren geordert. Der BRICK von Sonic World ist in meinen Ohren einer der besten Preamps auf diesem Planeten und dazu als Standalone leicht transportabel und extrem flexibel im Sound. Pat Fritz | HH

After really stunning results with my first brick, I ordered another one. The BRICK by Sonic World is in my ears one of the best preamps on this planet and as a standalone easily portable and extremely flexible in sound. Pat Fritz | HH

"The Brick" hat einfach nur überzeugt! Ein wahnsinnig guter, ausgewogener Mic PreAmp. Außerdem mit fantastisch klingendem DI-Input. Wir sind stolz einen zu besitzen :-) Klangetage Tonstudio |Tom Kornis und Hannes Druener |      
"The Brick" just convinced! An amazingly good, balanced Mic PreAmp. Also with fantastic sounding DI input. We are proud to own one! :-) Klangetage Tonstudio |Tom Kornis and Hannes                                   

the brick with SM 7on vocals - Killer! tons of juice
the brick with small diaphragm condenser on acoustic guitar/fiddle...Killer! unbelievable detail....great low end, very silky top end
the brick with Large diaphragm condenser on vocals, great..

Thomm Jutz / Nashville


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