SonicWorld FR2X-W295e Rack mit Originalstecker

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The SonicWorld FR2X-W295e is a 19" 1HE stainless steel rack for 2 Siemens Sitral W295 style... more
Product information "SonicWorld FR2X-W295e Rack mit Originalstecker"

The SonicWorld FR2X-W295e is a 19" 1HE stainless steel rack for 2 Siemens Sitral W295 style Equalizers wired for an external +24 Volts PSU. The rack is fitted with NOS Tuchel connectors.

We are offering our special designed SonicWorld KNT24-300 or SonicWorld KNT24-800 linear PSU.
You can also use any other high quality +24V PSU


• Highly compact and rugged stainless steel construction for maximum RF and hum 
rejection and long-lasting finish
• 4 pole XLR for connecting an external PSU
• Switchable bypass for each of the two modules with status LEDs
• Neutrik XLR receptacles
• These modules Siemens/ Sitral modules can be used: W295 / W295a / W295b / W293 / W294 as well as Filtek MK5
• Made in Germany


As the original connectors are not available anymore, we are offering these racks with 9 pole Sub-D connectors. We are converting your Sitral modules to these Sub-D 9 pole connectors. This mod can be easily redone, as there is no metal work done on the module itsself. If you can provide the original 13pole female Tuchel connectors, we are glad to install these instead of the Sub-D 9pole ones.



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