Crane Song Analog Dither CD

Crane Song Analog Dither CD

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The Crane Song Analog Dither TM is an analog generated dither source specially designed and... more
Product information "Crane Song Analog Dither CD"

The Crane Song Analog DitherTM is an analog generated dither source specially designed and shaped to provide high performance bit rate reduction while retaining warm analog like qualities. This is the same dither source integrated into both SPIDER and HEDD-192. The Analog DitherTM CD is a digitized version that can be used with any digital audio editor to bring out the fullness and the 'warmth' of your tracks.

OK, I admit it: I'm a Cranesong fan. I wouldn't trade my STC-8 for anything, and now there's 'Analog Dither'. I was interested when I heard about this disc - analog dither? - but what caught my attention was that Dave Hill created it. 16 bit audio CAN sound good - fades are smooth and low level detail is great. No more harsh cymbals. No more grainy fades. This dither stays on my hard drive..."
Brad Blackwood | Mastering Engineer Ardent Studios

I got a CD labeled "Analog Dither" from Dave Hill..designer of Cranesong gear... it is analog noise that when mixed with program material seems to be a pleasant alternative to the digital dither we all know and hate. I tested it on mixed material and the difference was easily audible although the noise was not. Added a real analog thickness to low frequencies." "Dave's point to me was that normally dither is digitally produced. and he spent some time generating an analog dither that is to my ears smoother and warmer sounding. The effect on low frequencies is majorly sognificant [sic] to me, as I sometimes have a problem creating low end fullness on digital media...
John A. Chiara | SOS Recording Studio Albany, NY

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