SonicWorld FR2X-U473 Rack

SonicWorld FR2X-U473 Rack

Manufacturer: SonicWorld

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Product information "SonicWorld FR2X-U473 Rack"

The SonicWorld FR2X-U473 is a 19"/ 1,75" stainless stainless steel rack for 2 Neumann U473 or U473a with integrated SonicWorld 24-300 PSU

• Highly compact and rugged stainless steel construction for maximum RF and hum rejection and long-lasting finish
• integrated SonicWorld 24-300 PSU
• 230/110 V internal switch for international use
• Made in Germany

Frontplate cutted for standard "Danner Kassetten", the standard module size of german made mixing consoles of the 70 and 80th

Also useable for Modules like Neumann W492 and W495, NTP 179-160, and an endless amount of different units from manufactureres like Neumann, Telefunken, Danner, Eckmiller, Siemens etc. PLEASE SPECIFY

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I am happy by the good item. 
Koji Morimoto

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