SonicWorld Racks for 300/600 Series TAB/Telefunken- German Engineered

Here you can find our SonicWorld rack solutions for 300/600 Series TAB/Telefunken modules like V376/V376a/ V676 Mic Pres or W395/ W395a or W695 Equalizers.

These racks are made with a stainless steel chassis for maximum RF and hum rejection and long-lasting finish.
The construction of the complete rack is highly compact and still rugged. We use only high-quality components , for the audio wiring we use Siemens wire.
The racks can be ordered with receptacle for external +24 Volt feed or with an integrated SonicWorld 24-300 PSU.
The PSU has been especially designed for audio applications. These racks are worldwide in use with their 230/110 V internal switch.

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