SonicWorld Racks for 2xx Siemens Sitral Series - German Engineered

• Highly compact and rugged stainless steel construction for maximum RF and hum rejection and long-lasting finish
• Audio wiring with professional cable
• available with integrated SonicWorld 24-300 or 24-300PH PSUs or with receptacle for external +24 Volt feed
• 230/110 V switch for international use (if purchased with our integrated PSU)
• Switchable phantom power or In/Bypass for each module plus status LEDs
• Made in Baden/ Germany

This rack series can house the following modules:
V270, V272, V272a, V273, V274, V275, V276, V281, V282, V294, U273, W295, W295a, W295b, W293, W294, Filtek MK5, U273b

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