SonicWorld "The Brick" Class-A Mono Mic Preamp

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The Sonic World “Brick” is a Class-A, mono, transistor mic preamp in the tradition of legendary... more
Product information "SonicWorld "The Brick" Class-A Mono Mic Preamp"

The Sonic World “Brick” is a Class-A, mono, transistor mic preamp in the tradition of legendary classic tube and transistor pieces by Telefunken, TAB and Siemens. 

Our goal was to create an ultra-compact front end with astonishing performance to allow the amplification of any microphone or instrument with incredible headroom.

"The Brick" is built on a modified vintage Telefunken V672 amplifier card from an age when the design of audio equipment was not determined by affordability. 
In those days, Telefunken used only top quality components, such as extremely high dimensioned input and output transformers.
Through its discrete, Class-A transistor design, "The Brick" produces an extremely fat, detailed and "expensive" sound.
"The Brick” has a maximum amplification of +64 dB. The two gain resistors on the front panel work reciprocally. Gain 1 regulates the amplifier attenuation, Gain 2 regulates negative feedback (volume).

The unique “twin gain” design grants a wide variety of sonic possibilities and allows “Brick” to operate without a PAD to process high input levels that would impair its sonic charcter.
A good starting position is to turn Gain 1 all the way up and use Gain 2 depending on the required level of amplification.

The integrated, discrete transistor FET-DI provides a vivid sound that perfectly matches the sonic characteristics of the “Brick”.
It uses two completely separate, symmetrical outputs that operate independently of each other: Output 1 (1/4”) and Output 2 (XLR). This would, for example, make it possible to record to a DAW while monitoring through an analog device without any delay.

We replaced all of the original electrolytic capacitors with new, low-ESR Nichicon and Panasonic condensers. All of the interference-prone Tantal capacitors were replaced as well.

The chassis is made of a visually appealing blend of aluminum and stainless steel. The front panel consists of polished stainless steel, cover, bottom and back are made of brushed stainless steel.

The “Brick” uses 24 V AC. A high-quality 24V AC power supply is included. It connects to the rear coax jack.

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