SonicWorld KNT24-800PH Linear PSU

SonicWorld KNT24-800PH Linear PSU

Manufacturer: SonicWorld

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Product information "SonicWorld KNT24-800PH Linear PSU"

The SonicWorld KNT24-800PH is a 24 Volts linear PSU with 800 mA and an additional +48Volts Output. 

After using the circuit in several hundreds of our SonicWorld racks, we are now offering this very high grade and reliable design also as a stand alone unit. We never had any broken unit in 8 years of manufacturing, so we are proud to offer a 3 years warranty.

2 parallel 4pin XLR allow to hook up 2 racks, you can even hook up more racks with a y-splitting cable.

An internal 230/110 Volts switch allows international usage.

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