HORCH Audiogeräte RM2J Mark 2 Valve Microphone Set

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T he Horch RM2J Mark 2 is a large membrane tube microphone in the tradition of the classic... more
Product information "HORCH Audiogeräte RM2J Mark 2 Valve Microphone Set"

The Horch RM2J Mark 2 is a large membrane tube microphone in the tradition of the classic German microphones of the 1950s and 60s. The RM2J Mark 2 provides a forceful sound and can be used in a variety of situations thanks to its changeable directionality and the additional sound selection switch.
In accordance with the HORCH principle of "optimizing the tried and tested", the new HORCH RM2J Mark 2 was designed with a number of improvements compared to the previous model RM2J.

The sound selection switch, which is positioned at the front of the capsule head provides two different operation modes:

In Linear Mode, the polar patterns can be adjusted infinitely on the PSU between omni-directional, cardioid and figure eight. The microphone is very linear in this mode and is thus equally suitable for all recording situations.

The Vocal Mode provides a special cardioid pattern with an even stronger proximity effect compared to the cardioid pattern in Linear Mode, this gives voices that sought-after "larger-than-life" sound.

A new feature of the RM2J Mark 2 is the HORCH Impedance Converter. TheHIC increases both the sensitivity and the linearity of the microphone, without any loss in the popular “HORCH valve sound”. The HORCH Impedance Converter can be bypassed internally to Pure Tube Mode if desired, this will completely remove the impedance converter from the signal flow. The RM2J Mark 2 then becomes 100% identical to the previous model, the RM2J. 

The swivelmount was improved by a further movement option.




  • Sound selection switch for two different operating modes
    Linear Mode: Linear frequency response with switchable direction pattern: omni-directional/cardioid/bi-directional (or figure-eight) pattern
    Vocal Mode: cardioid characteristics with strong close-up speaking effect
  • Microphone capsule with 4 µm thin membrane
  • HORCH Impedance Converter which can be bypassed internally
  • Selected 5654W/6AK5W valve
  • Oversized nickel-iron transformer for high overload stability
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