Horch Audiogeräte FM2J FET-Microphone

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Product information "Horch Audiogeräte FM2J FET-Microphone"

The Horch FM2J is a large membrane FET microphone with several features which can also be found in the Horch RM2J Mark 2 tube mic

The Horch FM2J provides a forceful sound and can be used in a variety of situations thanks to its changeable directionality and the additional sound selection switch.
The sound selection switch, which is positioned at the front of the capsule head provides two different operation modes:

In Linear Mode, the polar patterns can be adjusted infinitely on the PSU between omni-directional, cardioid and figure eight. The microphone works very linearly in this mode and is thus equally suitable for all recording situations.

The Vocal Mode provides a special cardioid pattern with an even stronger proximity effect compared to the cardioid pattern in Linear Mode, this gives singing voices that sought-after "larger-than-life" sound.



  • Sound selection switch for two different operating modes
    Linear Mode: Linear frequency response with switchable direction pattern: omni-directional/cardioid/bi-directional (or figure-eight) pattern
    Vocal Mode: cardioid characteristics with strong close-up speaking effect
  • Microphone capsule with 4 µm thin membrane
  • Oversized nickel-iron transformer for high overload stability

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Supplier description "Horch Audiogeräte"

The HORCH Audiogeraete microphones are handbuilt and assembled in Germany.

These mics offer a unmatched performance- and that for a great price!

Based on the very good performance of the PSUs for their tube mics, HORCH Audiogeraete is also offering PSUs for all the wellknown vintage mics from Neumann or Microtech-Gefell.


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