HORCH Audiogeräte

Since their introduction, German manufacturer HORCH Audiogeräte is worldwide wellknown for their high class RM2J and RM3 Tube Mics. Now with the release of the new Mark 2 versions, these classic designs have been even more improved and enhanced.

We want to offer these mics with affordable prices, so we cutted some corners which only affect the available accessories.

The new HORCH Audiogeräte RM2J Mark 2 and RM3 Mark 2 tube mics come with the standard NT 1206 PSU (230V/ 115V AC switchable) and a cable with swivelmount.

Additionally you can purchase the "Vintage Set" which consists of a vintage style PSU and a nicely made wooden storage box.

The "Tool Case" is a very sturdy made ABS case where the microphone, the PSU and the swivelmount cable can be stored.

These mics offer outstanding performance for very attractive prices.



HORCH Audiogeräte is also offering a line of high grade PSU for tube microphones.

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