Dave Hill Designs

Dave Hill Designs is the second company of Dave Hill besides Crane Song and as well a high end audio equipment manufacturer. Comprised of designer and engineer Dave Hill and a team of technicians and assemblers who have been designing and manufacturing professional audio equipment since 1983, the company strives to provide the highest quality, most musically pleasing products possible. Each unit is hand built and run through a rigorous series of tests to ensure the best possible products for the industry.

Dave Hill Designs uses discrete Class A electronics for the audio path when ever possible. Not only are the designs the best that state of the art technology will allow but the gear is hand built by some of the best technicians and assemblers in the industry. Dave Hill Designs´s break down rate is so low that there is no need for RMA's or fault tracking. Many of the biggest names in the recording, film and public broadcast industry are users of Dave Hill Designs equipment. One more reason that the Dave Hill Designs line of equipment is better than the rest is, that it is developed in a working commercial 24 track 2" studio. The gear needs to preform under the pressure of real recording sessions. During development if something does not work correctly parts may be changed during that session to get the desired sound. This is not like those who develop software patches or plug ins, who are given a 3 hour budget for each setting, and is unlike those who design a piece on the bench or the computer and then rent an afternoon of studio time to see if it works. We also invite user input on new designs.


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